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Tips To Deliver A Good Restaurant Customer Service

Restaurant customer service is not too tricky. While you can train your staff day and night, it ultimately comes down to little things that can win a customer's heart.

Small gestures go a long way in ensuring that your customer service is flawless as it makes your customers feel that you are really trying and going out of your way for their comfort. Here are some tips for you to follow.

Put Yourself In Your Customer's Shoes

Before beginning your operations take a minute and walk into the restaurant as a customer. You will see what the customer sees when they enter, you will feel the energy that a customer may feel. Though it feels like it hardly makes a difference, humans are subconscious beings and the way of entering your restaurant can determine how the entire experience will be for them.

Start From The Greeting

The way you greet your customers is very important for the experience that they will have. Greetings set the mood of the customers. Make sure your staff should smile while greeting the customer. The key is to set a pleasant experience from the beginning.

Mind Your Service Manners

Make sure that your servers are trained in proper service manners. For a casual dining or a self-service restaurant, this step is not as important for an extraordinary customer service experience but as you move towards fine dine restaurants, service etiquette can make all the difference.

Don't Let Customers Wait Too Much

One sure thing that customers feel when they rate their service experience as bad is having to wait too much. No one likes to wait, especially in a restaurant. If you want to deliver a great customer service experience in your restaurant, don't make your customers wait too much. Make sure that they are promptly seated as soon as they enter.

Recognize Your Regular

Did you know that most of a restaurant's sales come not from new customers, but repeat customers? Your regulars are the brand ambassadors of your restaurant. As a result, they also expect a higher level of service from you.

The least that you should do is recognize your regulars and know their favorite orders. Apart from that, know about the special events in their life, send them a personal message or give them a discount once a while. Be friendly with your regular customers make them feel like it is their place they are coming to- such customer service will go a long way for your restaurant.

Ask Their Feedback

Asking for your customers' comments will also let you know about the gaps in your service that you didn't even know existed. What is more, it may tell you about the things that you have been doing which please your customers but you had no idea about it. In the end, asking for comments will improve your restaurant customer service and allow you to evaluate yourself.